Telecommunication Networks


Telephones are second to only a computer, in the importance to your business in remaining successful. At Westcoast Communication Services, we have experience on all setups and all stages of a voice network: analog/copper lines, to PRI, to private branch exchanges and VoIP. All PBX phone systems with an included voicemail system can serve as the auto attendant operator for inbound phone calls without the need for a live person, saving labor costs or redirecting valuable employee time to do other tasks. All have standard calling features including call transfer, caller ID, call forwarding, voicemail, conferencing and automatic call distribution to multiple extensions and other features. A voicemail system can attend to all incoming calls automatically and efficiently distribute them to the right locations, including assistance by a dial by name directory.

The auto attendant function incorporated in the small business phone system greets callers with appropriate welcoming messages, and routes the calls to live staff members, or if unavailable, to voice mail. The auto-attendant can receive multiple calls simultaneously and route the calls to several departments or individual employee lines. New mobility options in PBX systems allow employees to handle calls on the go, with features such as call routing to cell phones and email integration to smart phones such as iPhone and Android. Premise based and Hybrid VoIP systems (Hybrid VoIP systems are also premise based) have a VoIP server that resides at your office, providing VoIP and digital phone options along with analog device integration, such as conference speakerphones, faxes and other analog devices.

Premise Based VoIP phone systems offer enhanced technology that can be of great benefit to your business. Premise based systems also offer software upgrades that keep your system up to date with the latest in VoIP technology. If you’ve put off looking at a premise based VoIP system for your office until now, talk to one of our expert sales staff about how a premise based VoIP phone system can not only get you into the latest technology, but how it can provide immediate return on investment for your business. The experienced staff at Office Westcoast Communication Services can assist you with the design, purchase and implementation of your next PBX phone system, whether digital or VoIP in design. Contact us today to speak to one of our Telecommunication Network Professionals

Slow, unreliable technology can cripple a growing business. Managed services from Westcoast Communication Services help stabilize your systems and remove the burden of IT — freeing you to focus on more strategic projects.

Contact us today to speak to one of our Managed Services professionals to discuss support for all of your IT needs.