Structured Cabling

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Cabling installation and development is the foundation of your telecom system. Today’s high-speed, high-demand network environments require state of the art design, implementation and installation of the physical wiring and fiber connectivity backbone.

At Westcoast we design, construct, and install complex network communication systems with the goal of creating flexible network infrastructures that can be managed and modified as technology 

infrastructures that can be managed and modified as technology requirements change. We deliver robust information technology communication solutions to support and integrate all forms of communication, including data, voice, video, and security.

Structured cabling systems provide significant technological and business advantages, allowing your business to adapt to growth and change easily, while minimizing expense, by adding, replacing, or moving only the relevant part of your network, to meet new requirements and updates in technology. The result is a future-proofed system that limits downtime and disruption when changes are required.

Our structured cabling solutions include:

  • -Cat 5e
  • -Cat 6
  • -Coaxial Cable
  • -Fibre Optic
  • -Cable Management
  • -Racks & Enclosures
  • -Wireless Networks
Structured Cabling

Westcoast has over 10 years of experience and satisfied customers that come to rely on the structured cabling and wiring service. Your network will function best when the cabling infrastructure is designed, built, installed, and tested by Westcoast specialized data cabling and fiber installation experts.

Westcoast  provides custom designed structured cabling solutions for any size organization. We have the experience and certifications in structured cabling for multi-use building configurations, to manufacturing and automation, to healthcare and education structures. For businesses with multiple locations, wireless offices, or the need to leverage a high-speed copper and fiber networks for Voice or Data, Westcoast provides design solutions that improve network connectivity.

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