Network Cabling: Voice and Data


Communication is faster than it’s ever been,  and the expectation is that your organization can gather, process, and convey information. From providing telephone services to transferring data across your network, your infrastructure needs to be able to support a variety of tasks.

If your company requires to have a reliable connection between your devices, you need a solid voice and data cabling. A proper cabling solution is necessary for your organization.  It allows you to connect your devices to your network so that your communication is guarantee across the system and to support many duties.

Cabling projects should be planned and performed with accuracy and care. Defective, wiring leads to costly downtime and delayed communication. You need data cabling that allows you to gather and convey information fast across your network.

Westcoast has years of experience providing voice and data cabling for clients, allowing them to secure reliable and fast communication speed. Whether it’s in building, suite, or campus, regardless of the location, we provide neat installs to enhance airflow.

We offer the following voice and data cabling options:


Westcoast knows a data center relocation is more than unplugging and plugging a server back on to another location. It is a complex and challenging effort to ensure your data stays secure, your equipment stays intact, and your systems maintain online. We have the skill to handle a wide range of relocations, from big to small businesses.

  Our relocation services include:

Our team has expert knowledge of industry protocols needed to provide your organization with structured cabling personalized to your needs. When you choose Westcoast for your structured cabling needs, you get the following capabilities:

Our team of experts will work with you to understand your infrastructure needs and suggest the appropriate, fully customized solution.